Zachary Byron Helm (pyrotech_c3h8) wrote in nintendojunkies,
Zachary Byron Helm

SORP Films just recently wrapped up our newest film, a parody of the Legend of Zelda (Mostly a parody of the first two 8 bit games) and I thought I would post it a few places where I figured it might be appreciated.

Note - This is a parody but it is NOT intended for younger viewers due to coarse language and violence against Octarocs. So yeah, not something to call the kids in to watch with you.

To save space I have linked directly to the youtube pages...this is a two part video-

The Legend of Zelda part I

The Legend of Zelda part II

Incidentally, if you like the movie please feel free to cross post it elsewhere. Cross posting helps us out a TON when it comes to getting the word out about our work!
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