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Don Gero's Mask

Hi, I have a question. I'm playing Zelda: Majora's Mask, and I have a problem to get the Don Gero's mask. I've found a very good walkthrough, and in the walkthrough, it says that once you've obtained the rock sirloin, you should take it to the guard in Mountain Village to get the mask. I don't find a guard in mountain village. I did see a goron in Mountain Village when it was still winter, but I didn't talk to him. And now he's gone. Is that because I didn't talk to him then? Don't tell me I'll have to go back in time and defeat Goth yet again, and break all the wretched pots of the chandelier again to obtain the rock sirloin. I have it *now* and I'd like to use it now. So, what do I do?
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